NARRANDA BRAHMAN STUD (better known as STAAL RED BRAHMANS) was established in 1968 as Stud number 393. For the first 25 years Charlyn and Cherokee bulls were used exclusively in a bid to raise the purity of the herd.

In 1982 approximately 100 cows were purchased from Mt Cornish Stud who had bought Waverley and Cherokee cattle many years earlier (1962) and then closed the herd. These females crossed extremely well with the Charlyn bulls. Several bulls were then introduced from Rockley to stabilize the colour, but only where they could be used without sacrificing purity.

Following these, several outstanding bulls were purchased wherever they could be sourced. These came from Tarramba, Wandilla, Valuce, Rockley & Kandoona. The stand out bull is VALUCE RED EMPEROR and over seventy of his daughters have been retained at this time.

After 15 years of almost continual drought at “Janet Rise”, only the most productive females have been retained. An impressive polled son of Lancefield D Robinson was purchased at the 2006 Brahman Week Sale for $50,000.

Several trips have been made to the U.S.A. to source superior genetics and semen from the best bulls available has been imported. This along with semen from many Australian bred bulls has been used in several AI and Embryo programs over the last 10 years.

While we are happy with our progress over the last 38 plus years, the vision of a magnificent herd of red cows on green grass keeps us striving to improve them even further.

In April 2007, the vision materialized with the sale of "Janet Rise" and the purchase of WILGA PARK, BANANA. The move has obviously agreed with the cattle and we have recently weaned a group of calves we are very proud of, including a number by selected AI Sires.

WILGA PARK is 10kms south of Banana on the LEICHHARDT HIGHWAY making it easy access for our clients to call in at anytime.